CEO of the Emerald Group N’Gunu Tiny on blockchain and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The first, second, third and fourth industrial revolutions

Investing in disruptive technology as part of the fourth industrial revolution

How does blockchain and DLT work?

  • Distributed — valued information is recorded across a distributed network of computers, rather than on just one.
  • Ledger — an incorruptible digital accounts book or a collection of data transactions and financial accounts.
  • Technology — each block od data is protected and connected to the other using cryptographic encryption, which led to the term ‘cryptocurrencies).
  • Decentralization from the storage of ledger copies on all blocks.
  • Security through private and public encryption keys, which reduce the chances of being compromised.
  • New ways to record and verify data.
  • Blocks must be built and checked. They can be random nodes on an open network (such as Bitcoin) or verified entities on a closed network, such as GoChain.
  • Robust verification process known as mining. This is where blocks are validated as new transactions are logged.

Partnering with HBK GoChain



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